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    Can guys feel their testicles orgasm reddit

    Quickie outdoor open-air sex complacent?
    The summer heat on your skin, the scent of flowers, fruit trees and grasses in your nose – are not these perfect conditions for a pleasurable quickie outdoors? After all, you can have sex in the bedroom all winter long.
    Balcony, meadow or lake?
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    The private balcony is ideal for a quickie in the fresh air. The advantages are obvious: you do not have to travel long distances to pursue your desire and if you still need a pillow or blanket to put it down quickly, you have them handy. However, if your neighbors can see your balcony, you should consider in advance whether you find this fact exciting or whether you feel uncomfortable afterwards. Incidentally, the same applies to sex in your own garden. Do you like lying on a secluded lake in the sun anyway? Then join the next sunbathing but with a pleasurable quickie with your partner. And even a beach vacation offers the chance for pleasurable quickies in the great outdoors. Whether you enjoy a cool swim with your partner or have a quickie on the beach is up to you. In the latter, however, it is advisable to bring a towel, because sand is not necessarily pleasant at every body site.
    Quickies outdoors can be expensive
    But apart from your own sexual preferences, you should make sure that you choose a place where you are not so easily surprised by strangers – because if you are unlucky, threatened with an ad for „public annoyance”. With that, however, you will get away with it quite well in Germany. In other countries, a love adventure outdoors can mean financial ruin – in Spain, for example, there is a fine for an outdoor quickie of up to 75,000 euros. And it gets even worse: In Denmark or Italy, outdoor sex can even be punished with imprisonment – threatened with four or two years imprisonment.

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    Why i can’t have orgasm with my boyfriend

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