5 signs that the sex relationship is no longer

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    That’s why most marriages fail
    Neglect is Number One Divorce Grounds Most women who file for divorce feel neglected by their husbands. They feel that their partner does little or nothing for marriage and does not look for the conversation when things go wrong. No willingness to compromise, lack of respect, disinterest and low esteem make women no longer comfortable in their own marriage.
    The result: many women do not do that. They file divorce and return to their own lives and needs. But can the failure of a marriage be prevented? What exactly does a functioning marriage actually mean?
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    Relationship crisis? You should do that before you put an end to it
    The recipe for successDecisive to a well-functioning marriage is that both partners work for the relationship, that they give love, attention, and do not take each other for granted.
    The key to happiness: communication. So when you realize that something is going wrong in the marriage, you may feel unloved or unheard, then it’s time to talk openly about your feelings with your partner and consider whether the relationship makes any sense at all. Maybe you are happier alone than in a broken marriage.

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