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mały gugiel i
Sweaty muscled men and occasionally naked women either attack each other with swords, have sex or goad each other into doing the sex or killing. The good characters talk in closeup about “honor.”

The show also features Lucy Lawless, the TV goddess adored by men and women who love women in “Xena: Warrior Princess.” Here she plays the scheming wife of the owner of a gladiator school, and one of her profoundly/profanely bad lines I just can’t repeat in a family newspaper. Oh, OK, here’s an edited version of it: “I need your (blank blank blank). And I need it now!”

Don’t get too excited, “Xena” buffs. The bulk of the nudity is reserved for younger females than Lawless, whose recent TV triumphs include runner-up in the “Celebrity Duets” TV show.

No, no, chyba poproszę wujka z USA żeby mi opowiedział jakiś odcinek.